Increase efficiency with Doctrix Document Management Solutions


Document Management Solution with DOCTRIX

Increased Productivity

Doctrix eliminates as much as 30 percent of the time it takes to file, search for or retrieve documents.

Perform Audits in Minutes

Doctrix collects all data in a single repository, as well as collating reports on who accesses documents.

Quick and Efficient Discovery

Doctrix provides users with multiple ways to search for and retrieve documents and data.


Doctrix is here to stay, and you can rest easy knowing that our team will be updating and improving it for years to come. Build on top of a powerful foundation.

Simplify workflows, save time and reduce expenses with Doctrix. This integrated document archiving tool allows you to easily scan, file and retrieve electronic and paper documents. Ideal for all document types including letters, faxes, email and records. Doctrix lets you and your employees work smarter.

  1. 100% web based.
  2. Scan, Import & Access Documents Remotely
  3. Secure access to documents with different access level for each user
  4. Each access using only your desktop computer to upload , search & retrieve document
  5. Search all documents based on their content
  6. Identify document changes
  7. Administer document controls

Some of the key benefits the Doctrix can offer your business:


  1. Improve operational efficiency by increasing the speed of information delivery.
  2. Maximize staff productivity, ensuring instant access to the right information.
  3. Increased accountability and integrity by creating a shared, controlled information base.
  4. Conduct business efficiently and accountably from a centralised repository.
  5. Provide consistency, continuity and productivity across enterprise.
  6. Ease of use with intuitive web-based functionality.
  7. Greatly reduces the time consuming and error prone consequences of handling paper documents and storing digital files in persona folders.
  8. Robust and flexible security, ensuring that information is secure and accessible only to those who are authorized.
  9. Eliminates expenses resulting from lost information.
  10. Eliminates the anarchy of shared file-drives, while files are duplicated, lost and deleted without control.


Doctrix reduces the need for manual data entry, removes multiple steps from document management processes and effectively saves businesses time and money

Business Process Management

To maximize your ability to route, process and – most importantly – complete tasks within a department or across your enterprise, you need to design workflows that support the way you work. Doctrix Workflow Designer Tool, with a graphical designer and a rich programming capability, makes robust workflow automation easy.

Enterprise Capture

Data is transferred into your business around the clock. Whether it is physical mail, faxes, emails or images, it’s your job to efficiently and accurately capture the data, and route it to the next step in the business process. How can you remove this low-value activity and replace it with technology that will give your business a much higher ROI?

People are talking…

“Doctrix  gives my small company the same kind of document management capabilities that large companies use.”