Enterprise Capture

Efficient and easy conversion of data to power your business.


The Problem.

Data is transferred into your business around the clock. Whether it is physical mail, faxes, emails or images, it’s your job to efficiently and accurately capture the data, and route it to the next step in the business process. How can you remove this low-value activity and replace it with technology that will give your business a much higher ROI?

The Solution.

Doctrix Auto-Capture features an intuitive capture tool that automatically scans, sorts, and indexes documents before submitting them to Doctrix repository. Using advanced capture technology such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Doctrix provides true transport of documents and full functionality in a disconnected environment.

No Matter the Source,
We Can Capture Your Data

Paper files are only a portion of the information your team needs to get things done. Our capture services can handle any format. You might expect capture of documents from a scanner, multi-function printer or print stream—but we go above and beyond, capturing emails, faxes, web service documents, checked boxes on forms, and even hand-printed documents.


Easily capture and validate header and line item details


Automated indexing reduces manual data entry

Documents no longer need to be manually indexed. This reduces errors, which leads to increased productivity.

Data Validation

Ease of validation allows automation of zooming to relevant zones on the page


Information is immediately available to everyone involved in the business process


 Transcription errors from manual forms are reduced using advanced scanning-OCR

Information Indexed the Right Way, Every Time

Capturing data is the first step, but to put it to use, you need smart technology that can process it. Predefined forms and rules ensure your data will be consistently and accurately indexed, every time, giving you reliable and accessible data that is process-ready.Validation interface provides value to zone comparison, automatically zooming to configured zones on the page.

Faster Processes, Faster Cycle Times

Manual document capture and indexing is subject to inaccuracies, lengthy, and a poor use of your company’s time and resources. Automated capture and indexing give you the data you need for your operations, quickly, so bottlenecks are never an issue. And if any manual indexing or verification is needed, interactive data capture lightens the load with value completion and click to index features.

Flexible Solutions that Lighten Your Load

You want smart solutions, but you also want them to be easy to use. One-click configuration and unlimited document processing keep you going without a hitch. You can assign multiple forms to single document types, create XML document renditions, and much more—all to make your data dance to your tune.

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